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    Sleep Can Help Lower Risk of Heart Disease

    Last updated 6 days ago

    For many people, the biggest advantage to getting enough sleep each night is that they feel more alert and energized during the day. However, scientists have recently concluded that sleep may have a positive impact on more than just mood. In fact, their research shows that adults who lead a healthy lifestyle and receive seven or more hours of sleep per night are statistically less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

    This research showed that more and better quality sleep greatly complemented other positive lifestyle habits such as eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding tobacco usage. In fact, the mortality rate for those who followed such a lifestyle was 67% lower when compared to that of less active and well-rested individuals. Watch this video to find out more.

    If you're concerned that your sleep disorder may put you at greater risk for developing heart disease or other health problems, contact Sleep Services of Maryland today. You can schedule a visit with us by calling (240) 345-3576.

    Can Sleeping Well Help You Lose Weight?

    Last updated 10 days ago

    From maintaining a balanced diet to exercising regularly, there are several basic yet effective strategies for losing weight. What many people may not know, however, is that getting a great night's sleep is also a simple way to encourage weight loss and keep those extra pounds off for good. Continue reading to find out more about how sleeping well could help you lose weight.

    Hormone Regulation
    According to many health professionals, not sleeping enough or failing to get enough quality sleep can actually disrupt your hormones. Adults who sleep less can experience a significant rise in a hormone called “leptin” and a reduction in another hormone, “ghrelin.” An imbalance in these hormones can lead to an increased desire for high-carbohydrate foods that are rich in calories.

    Hunger Control
    If you sleep more than eight hours per night, your body can regulate your hormones normally, helping you experience greater hunger control. Instead of craving fattening or sweet snacks often, those who sleep better are statistically more likely to remain satisfied between meals, which means they are less likely to consume excess calories each day.

    Heightened Energy Levels
    In addition to leveling out your hormones and encouraging hunger control, a good night's sleep can also help you lose weight by increasing your energy during the day. With more energy to thrive off of as the day goes on, you're more likely to exercise or engage in calorie-burning activities.

    If you're interested in learning more about the correlation between sleep and weight loss, then come visit Sleep Services of Maryland. Our sleep disorders center offers treatment for sleep apnea, insomnia and other sleep disorders that can disrupt hormone production and lead to weight gain. To find out how consulting a sleep medicine specialist can improve your everyday life, call (240) 345-3576.

    Meet the Physicians at Sleep Services of Maryland

    Last updated 1 month ago

    At Sleep Services of Maryland, we want to bring you the best treatment options for your sleep issues. We know that can only do this with a team of qualified physicians. Keep reading to learn more about our doctors and how they can help you get better rest:

    Dr. Yash Mehndiratta is a Board Certified physician who specializes in sleep medicine. He is very active in educating the community about sleep disorders and is constantly learning new ways to treat these issues. Dr. Ritula Mehndiratta is also Board certified in Sleep Medicine and consistently works to stay on top of new ways to test for and to treat sleep disorders. She has more than twenty years of experience and gives each patient her undivided attention to find the right treatment options.

    If you are suffering from sleep issues, schedule an appointment with Sleep Services of Maryland to find relief. Our physicians are here to find the source of your problems and come up with the most effective treatment plan. For more information on our services, visit us online or call (240) 345-3576.

    Spotlight on Sleep Disorders in Children

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Children have just as much of a chance of suffering from sleep disorders as adults. If your child is having trouble sleeping, you should make an appointment with the sleep medicine center to start working toward a treatment. This guide will help you get a better understanding of these disorders in kids so you know when you should call for an appointment:

    Symptoms of Sleep Disorders
    Children have different sleep patterns than adults, so just because your child sleeps differently than you does not necessarily mean there is an issue. If you notice that your child snores or seems to have trouble breathing while sleeping, though, it might be time to schedule an appointment with a specialist. You should also pay attention if your child repeatedly has issues falling asleep or staying asleep through the night. Kids with sleep disorders might also have trouble staying awake and focusing during the day.

    Problems Associated with Sleep Disorders
    If your child is having trouble sleeping, it can lead to bigger issues. Not enough sleep might increase the risk for accident or injury. It could also cause behavioral and mood problems. Kids might also have difficulty remembering or concentrating when they do not get enough sleep, which affects their performance and reaction times.

    Treatment Options
    Simple sleep problems can often be fixed with small behavioral changes. Try to stick to a regular bedtime every night so your child gets used to a certain sleep routine. You should also create a relaxing bedroom environment that does not have a television or radio. If your child is still having trouble sleeping after you make these changes, you should schedule an appointment with a sleep disorder center to find the right way to treat his or her issues.

    At Sleep Services of Maryland, we work hard to ensure that all of our patients get the attention they need. We specialize in child sleep disorders to enable your kids to get the right kind of rest each night. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (240) 912-4683.

    Track Your Sleep Cycles with this App!

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Learning about your own sleep cycles can help you get better rest. With the help of the SleepBot Smart Cycle Alarm app available on iTunes, you can start tracking the way you sleep.

    This app can actually track your sleep cycles so you can set an alarm that will go off during one of your lighter sleep phases. It can also track movement and sound and create graphs of long-term trends to help you get a better understanding of the way you sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, this app is a great resource to bring to the sleep disorder center so the specialists can find the right treatment option for you.

    Come to Sleep Services of Maryland to find relief for your sleep disorders. Our specialists are here to ensure that you get the rest you need. Call (240) 912-4683 to make an appointment.


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