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How Lack of Sleep Can Trigger Migraine Proteins

Last updated 2 years ago

Sleep is an essential element of your overall health and wellbeing. If you do not get the amount of sleep that your body needs, you might start to notice unusual symptoms that negatively affect certain parts of your body. Keep reading to see how missing out on sleep might trigger migraine proteins that could bring on an attack:

It Affects the Way You Handle Chronic Pain
A lack of sleep might affect the amount of proteins that you produce to suppress chronic pain. On the other hand, it also leads to an increase of proteins that bring on chronic pain. Not only does a lack of sleep prevent you from being able to thwart off pain, but it also increases your chances of experiencing it. If you are prone to migraines, it is very important to get a good amount of sleep each night.

It Is One of the Leading Migraine Triggers
Researchers know that a lack of sleep is one of the largest triggers of migraines, but they are not exactly sure what happens in the molecular pathways that connect sleep and headache pain. They believe that the trigeminal nerve is responsible for initiating migraine attacks. Because of this, they suspect that a lack of sleep can lead to molecular changes in this nerve.

It Can Have the Adverse Effect
Although enough sleep can help people who suffer from migraines, researchers believe that getting too much sleep could also cause a problem. If you have migraines, you might want to visit a sleep disorder center so you can figure out how to create a sleep routine that decreases your chance for migraine attacks.

Sleep Services of Maryland is here to help you improve your nightly sleep routine so you can feel your best during the day. We specialize in every kind of sleep disorder so we can diagnose and treat any issues with our patients. To learn more about our sleep services, visit us online or call (240) 345-3576.


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